Sellies-Three Minutes of Magic

Everyday we are snapping photos of our life and creating selfies with friends and family. How about creating “Sellies” to showcase your business and you? What is a Sellie you ask? Simply said, something JoAnne made up to help you gain exposure.  It is a quick 2-3 minute DC-Video Marketing smallervideo shot without all the usual fuss and muss. Join JoAnne Lenart-Weary for this informative webinar to learn how to capture the power of video, using only your computer and the Internet. Video is the fastest growing marketing tool but dragging out the lights, the special camera, editing it and all the suggested details make it seem formidable. Think about it, all the time everyday people shoot unique moments of their life without all the fancy extras…youtube is full of it. Let’s put that approach to work for you and your business by creating your own “Sellies” easy, peasy. We will discuss content ideas, tips, tricks and scheduling that works.

February 5, Noon to One ET-Register Now


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