Dupes…Love or Lose Them

Dupes…Love or Lose Them

Face it, creating a beautiful room can get costly…but costly is a relative term.  One man’s expensive is another man’s not expensive enough.  We have always operated on the premise that everyone deserves a beautiful home, regardless of where they are in life or what 

Back to School with The Decorating and Staging Academy

The school year is well underway and with the littles back in the classroom you may be considering heading back to the classroom yourself. But when it comes to going back to school you may be worried about your ability to get into the classroom. 

Sellies-Three Minutes of Magic

Everyday we are snapping photos of our life and creating selfies with friends and family. How about creating “Sellies” to showcase your business and you? What is a Sellie you ask? Simply said, something JoAnne made up to help you gain exposure.  It is a