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3 Day Home Staging Certification Class
Live and On Demand $1750
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Our Home Staging classes have been recognized by The Real Estate Staging Association and International Association of Home Staging Professionals.  










What is Staging? The art of preparing a house for sale by maximizing the selling features of the house.  It is critical that the staging provider not only understands good design principles but also the target and housing market as it pertains to the property. .


Designations:  Home Staging
Tuition Includes:
Manual and Workbook, Forms, Learn­ing Aids, Pro­fes­sional Color Deck,  Affil­i­ate Dis­counts, Hands On Exer­cises in Real Homes, Port­fo­lio Tes­ti­mo­ni­als, Port­fo­lio Before and After Pho­tos and Trans­porta­tion to Client Homes.





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Live  or On Demand $1750

This comprehensive class covers the foundation you need to start and success in your staging business.  It is packed with form, visual aids and hands on projects.  

On Demand
Set your staging business apart with Luxe Home Staging. Add this elite certification to your services to stand out in your market.


On Demand

Take your business to the next level.  Comprehensive classes include vacant staging, occupied staging and much more.  Add on classes at your own pace.