Bookcase Specialist


Confident Color, Color Class, Certification


What is a Bookcase Specialist?

Dressing a bookcase can be the favorite part of the room transformation or the dreaded part. Becoming a bookcase specialist take the guess work out of how to design a bookcase. This particular discipline can stand alone or be a part of the whole makeover.  This is the perfect revenue addition to your current decorating and/or staging business or an intro into the industry. If you think clients have a hard time decorating their rooms, that’s nothing, compared to decorating their bookcases. That’s where you can come in!

This is a popular and growing segment of the decorating industry. By taking our webinar certification class you will learn how to find a client, evaluate the scope of the job and earn money with bookcases. That pro­fes­sional could be YOU!



Designation: Bookcase Specialist $295

Tuition Includes:
Access to 7 recorded modules with learning aids, handouts to use during the presentations for notes, all the handouts, forms and support learning aids needed for this unique service.  Use of certification and The Decorating and Staging Academy Emblem to be used on all marketing material.  One year Free International Directory Listing.







Confident Color, Color Class, Certification






Cer­ti­fied Bookcase Specialist Overview:

  • Define Bookcases Target Market
  • Client Consultation with Forms
  • The Anatomy of the Bookcase
  • 5 Formulas to the Perfect Bookcase
  • How to Inventory
  • How to Create a Inventory Mood Board
  • Implementing Design Principles
  • Defining the Project Color Story
  • Bookcase Elements
  • Book "Case" Studies for Your Review
  • Inventory Resources
  • Working with Vendors
  • How to Shop Wholesale
  • Tool Supply List
  • Business for the Bookcase Specialist
  • How to Price the Job
  • Marketing made Easy