Decorating or Staging-Yes, You Can

Talent is not learned…it is encouraged, inspired, cajoled and refined.  But most of all, talent needs to be recognized.  In my deco picturesindustry, I meet people every day who love creating beautiful rooms but diminish their talents in an attempt to be modest.  I get it…I was just like them. Oh, I knew I loved it but was I talented and creative enough to charge for my services? Here I am 35 years later…getting paid to do what I love. The people in this photo get it…just like you they doubted their ability and are now doing what they love. Let me share with you a few ways to validate your worth…and talent. #1-They tell you so! Do your friends and family often comment on your beautiful home?  Perhaps they ask you for advice for their own rooms.  Maybe they ask you to go shopping to select paint or décor for their room.  Believe them…don’t diminish their compliments and your gift. Bask in the knowledge you were blessed with a great eye, sense of style, and an artist’s eye for composition. #2-You know when it is wrong…oh, so wrong! How many times have you walked into a room or a public space and thought, “What were they thinking?”  Yet, others look at the space and have no idea that by implementing good design principles, the space could be transformed…often for little or no money.  The ability to see the mistakes in a room is not a skill many have…but I bet you do! JoAnne Lenart-Weary

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