Luxe Home Staging


$495 Online Learning
Tuition Includes:  
Seven modules focusing on this unique staging niche.  Twelve handouts and multiple resources.

Luxe Home Staging,
an elite certification program which will distinguish you from other staging professionals.  During this class, you will learn about luxury staging, the luxury client, how to market this service, how to stage luxury properties and more.  All learning objectives will be covered during the program with portfolio projects required.  After class three luxury home staging projects will be forwarded showcasing your work.  After review, the Luxe Home Staging logo will be available for marketing
Luxury Home Staging is a unique and profitable niche in the home staging market.  Not all stagers can decorate luxury homes to sell.  Want to learn how to add this speciality to your staging business? The Luxe Home Staging curriculum provides the insight to understanding the luxury client, luxury real estate agent and the start to finish process to attract this elite market.  This highly lucrative service allows you to connect and develop relationships with luxury homeowners and agents.   

Class Overview:

What is Luxury Staging?
Who are the Luxury Clients?
Working with Luxury Clients
Attracting the Luxury Agent
How to Network with Luxury Clients
What Services are Required for this Niche
Relationships with Luxe Seller
Resourcing for the Luxe Home
Perceived Luxury in Furnishings
Sourcing High End Accessories
Building High End Inventory on a Mid Scale Budget
Pros and Cons of Luxury Staging
Pricing the Luxe Job
Additional Services
Promoting And More

Other Learning Opportunities


Completion of this certification will earn you one year membership in the The Decorating and Staging International Directory. This directory allows you to showcase your certifications, business, offers links to social media platforms, highlight your bio, and photo or logo that identifies you as a certified member of The Decorating and Staging Academy.   We will walk you through the steps to max out SEO with the use of the national logos.  The membership allows you to take advantage of discounts, free webinars and more. $1000 value

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