Madly in Love – Cheryl Cousins

Madly in Love – Cheryl Cousins

What are you madly in love with?

Want to know what we are madly in love with?

I was listening to a podcast recently and the interviewer asked the question, “Who do you love and what do you love to do?”. I found the question thought provoking, particularly as it relates to creating sensually captivating spaces; places that nourish the soul and decorating that delights the senses. As the Interior Styling Specialist and Master Professional Trainer for the Decorating and Staging Academy, and as an Interior Decorator for more than 15yrs, I’ve met many people who live in homes with untold stories. A house becomes a home when it reflects the lives and loves of its inhabitants. Sure, you can purchase a sofa or find a lovely area rug and use them as inspiration, but here are some ways to set the mood for falling “Madly in Love”! Take a quick deco-break with me; grab a note pad and pen… answer the questions for yourself or make notes for your clients.


Who do you love? Let’s talk companions, the person whom you’ve invited to share “you with you”. Having a photo of your beloved warms your heart and space. Matted and framed table top photos, are nice, but think how amazing it would be to have a striking image on a 24×36 canvas, etched on glass or printed on vinyl and burnished onto a beautifully framed mirror. Make it visible from your favorite chair, hang it in your line of sight for viewing during cozy, quiet times. If not a photo, perhaps something they’ve created or “that thing” which reminds you of him/her and the love and life you share. If you have a celebrity crush which has stood the test of time, chances are your “crush” has a clearly defined style which resonates with you and can be used decoratively to “create a look”. I’m imagining a “Lena Horne” inspired room – smooth, curvy lines, exquisite crystal, textured fabrics, muted colors, elegant lighting and sophisticated floor to ceiling, soft window treatments. See what I did there? You don’t have to wait for a “Cabin in the Sky”, you can lean on Ms. Lena.


What do you love to do? What brings you so much joy, it turns the corners of your mouth upward and makes your eyes twinkle like stars at midnight? Love traveling? Do snowcapped mountains and towering pines, take your breath away? Perhaps you prefer tropical islands, sunny skies, cool blue waves, brilliant red-orange sunsets and secluded, sandy beaches. Landscape wall art is lovely, but wouldn’t it be cool to color your room with a palette that envelops you in the experience of place? With a hue or two, you can be reminded of good times, everyday. Use your photos to choose your colors; paint the ceiling and the walls. Find a fabric that has your color and its complement for a bold color story. Decorative accessories which reflect activities you participated in while traveling, allows the memory to permeate your present moment awareness. My husband and I celebrated our “Flirty-Thirty”, 30th Wedding Anniversary, last year with a fun road trip to Albuquerque, Sedona and Colorado Springs. I’m turning our tri-state journey into a gorgeous interior makeover. Road Trip Redesign!


Here’s to falling “Madly in Love” with home; live with everything that reflects the beauty of all you are, and all you love!