Are you Living a Beautiful Life? – Carol Bass

Are you Living a Beautiful Life? – Carol Bass

Are you Living a Beautiful Life? 

Today the new buzz words or living your joy.

February is the time for love but not just love for a person but love for you. Many years ago my husband and I were going through a bad patch. He was having major health issues and there are always job issues, which cause money concerns. I was struggling even though I am a Christians we can get depressed too.

I was given a book by the author, Alexandra Stoddard, called “Living a Beautiful Life”. If you have never read anything by her do yourself a favor and do so. Reading her work is like reading art. She has something called grace notes at the end of every chapter.

One chapter about doing ordinary things with purpose resonated with me at the time creating small joys daily. In her chapter about the kitchen she writes, “Make the inside of your refrigerator a feast for the eye, with see-through container and bowls full of fruit and vegetables. Flowers last longer when refrigerated. Surprise pleasures delight the most.” So I went on a quest to decorate my refrigerator. That was over 20 years ago and I still to this day derive joy from this rituals. In fact I just sold my house and the refrigerator was staying so I staged it too. Sold to the second buyer.