From My House To Yours – Diane Howard

From My House To Yours – Diane Howard
As we enter into a month full of family, joy and togetherness, we are also beginning a new segment called, “From Our House To Yours”. We hope that during this month, you will get to know our trainers better, and ultimately consider them not only mentors but close friends. Our first featured trainer is Diane Howard with InStyle Home Interiors! Here are a few of her holiday tips.

Christmas Lights, Merry and Bright!

No Christmas tree would be complete without lights. Colored lights add a bit of flair, while white lights give the tree a classic look. If you really want to be fancy, opt for strings of holiday lights that slowly change color.

  I grew up with colorful lights on the tree, but as I traveled and met with others in the decorating industry and worked on various projects, I became inspired by the magic created with white lights. A lighting display within a home or commercial space can be like living in or walking through an enchanted garden. There is something magical about the sparkle of white lights during the holidays. While there is nothing wrong with color, especially for the holidays, I really love tiny sparkling lights on a tree, in garland in the house or in unusual places.

  Here’s why:  They’re the perfect starting point for a holiday color palette. “My favorite scheme is white lights with metallic and glass decorations. Gold, silver, bronze and mercury glass are a perfect combination. The light reflects off of the metal providing beautiful reflective lighting in a room. Also, it’s fun to create small accessories to use in small or unusual places like threading them inside a glass block or bottle. These accessories can be used in a power room, to add ambience to a serving table, as a centerpiece for an event (using LED lights) or on a back patio table if you’re in a warm climate.  White lights compliment any room décor and even the people in it!”

  Colorful lights can inspire a playful palette. “When using colorful lights you can go from classy — by choosing one or two specific colors — to more playful and festive by using multi-colors. I am a woman who loves to have options so I encourage everyone to play with colors, consider your decorating style to create a magic backdrop for your holiday events.” And don’t forget about the outside of your house. Wow your neighbors with dazzling fairy lights hung from the trees or eaves, or (the latest thing) install a projector lamp that shines moving images like falling snowflakes onto the front of your home.

  There are no rules for decorating with colorful lights. There are no downsides to either lighting option. It is all a matter of preference, and you can’t go wrong either way.  You set the stage for holiday enjoyment, consider creating a magic place to enjoy this special time of year!