Common Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

“It looked so much smaller in the store.” If I had a nickel for every time a clients said that to me. Or, “I thought it would fit. Now what do I do?” It is a common mistake people make when purchasing furniture. The ceiling in the furniture show room is 25 feet tall your ceilings are 10 feet. So when you get that sofa home it looks huge! Let me offer up some standard measurements to help you out! There is the physical size of the sofa, say 21-square-feet. That measurement is side-to-side and width. But now, that sofa has to function, which means that 21-square-foot sofa needs 31.5-square-feet for leg room. As you can see, it’s way too easy for this mistake to happen. Check out some more standard measurements below! Table & Chairs: 48-square-feet total. However, make sure you account for its function and give it a total space of 120-square-feet. Queen Bed: Queen beds are 35-square-feet but they need 63 square-feet to function. Chair: A typical chair is 9-square-feet. In order to fit your up and down movements, comfortable scooting, etc., you’ll want to account for 15-square-feet total. Next time you’re in the store, remember these little know facts, it helps! This is a guest post from The-DSA Master Trainer Carol Bass of The Practical Decorator. Check out our DSA class schedule to register for redesign and staging classes with Carol!