You Can’t Make Me Market My Business – Sandra Racz

You Can’t Make Me Market My Business – Sandra Racz

“You must market your business.” “You must post on social media.” “Video marketing gets more attention.”  We hear this, we even believe it, but we are just not gonna do it. 

Marketing experts tell us how to market effectively to strive for the best Return on Our Effort, ROE.  The numbers don’t lie and still we cross our arm, dig our heels in and refuse.  We stick with our way of social interacting.  We “Like” other people’s posts and put out a newsletter crammed with three months’ worth of information. The result is typically a low open rate because no one is interested except your Mother.  (and she probably doesn’t really read it)

It’s just not marketing either, there are other things we know are good for us and yet…we put it off. For example, going to the dentist is the right thing for our dental health and yet we often put it off.  After all, it’s scary and could hurt.  But let’s be honest, once you follow through, you feel better and are glad you did what needed to be done.

Today we have many marketing options at our fingertips and even better, many are free. This is part of what causes the overwhelm…which path should you follow to get your best ROE? It starts with doing your homework by staying current on today’s best practices in social media…which can change tomorrow. Just look back at the Facebook cycle. We began with a Personal page, which led to a Business Page, than a Facebook group, which segued into Facebook Lives, plus videos, post, boost….OMG!

Here are the most important things you should do to maximize your marketing efforts.

  1. Create Short Videos- educate, demonstrate, offer tips, and be real so your potential clients can relate.  Your phone is your best friend…use it often. Once you create the video, share everywhere, including all your social media platforms, blog, and fellow bloggers and posters. Cross marketing is smart marketing.
  2. Consistency-Create consistent dates that you blog, vlog, post, go Live or whatever is your bag of tricks.  Showing up is part of your brand promise. Yes, that means have a date to connect with your audience.  The length of the content doesn’t matter…it is the consistency. Create a social media and content calendar and follow it.  Set a day aside and create content that can be posted or shared on the days your calendar dictates. If not, just like a dentist appointment…don’t show up and you will get a “no-show charge.”  
  3. Open your Mouth-Public Speaking and Networking are the best way to build your credibility and visibility. You need to get in front of potential clients. They will see your passion, get questions answered in real time, and hopefully be interested in knowing more by checking out your blog, website and posts. If you are nervous, use that camera or an honest friend to practice.
  4. Create a Killer website with a:
    1. Clear Message
    2. Call to Action
    3. Easy to navigate

Now that I told you EXACTLY what to do, what’s stopping you? After all, would it be safe to say you want your business to grow, make more money, and help your clients? We see it again and again; you know what to do but you don’t. Let’s have a quick Marketing Therapy session and identify common stumbling blocks.   

  1. Too Afraid, Too Shy – We all want to stay safe in our Comfort Zone. We all prefer to stay “safe” but isn’t being an entrepreneur about stepping out and taking a chance.  Fighting the fear will take you to new places.
  2. Lack of Knowledge –We can get so hung up in trying to be perfect!  Is my video, post, blog, photos, etc. professional enough?  Don’t wait to be perfect…the world loves real.  While you are at it…there is a PHD in anything you want to know waiting for you on YouTube, Google searches, Tech Savvy Teenagers, and more.
  3. Image Control -I’m having a bad hair day, I wish I weighed less, my wrinkles show, I get hung up on my words, and on and on. We are so critical of ourselves. But if you wait until you are perfect…well quite frankly, you never will be. Besides, perfect people are boring. Look at the Real Decorators and Stagers Facebook Group to see prime examples of industry experts, Sandra Racz and JoAnne Lenart-Weary, sharing educational tips all while keeping it real. From messy hair to live mishaps, they do it all and keep on talking.
  4. Money– Lucky for you most of the marketing biggies are free.  You can’t use this excuse. 

Therapy is over now… get up off the couch and market like a boss.  Begin by creating a Social Media Content Calendar.  Need some help, download a free Social Media Content Calendar at the Real Decorators and Stagers Facebook Group page.  Click here.