What Scares You, in Holiday Decorating? — 5 Easy Decorating Tricks for the Holidays

What Scares You, in Holiday Decorating? — 5 Easy Decorating Tricks for the Holidays
Happy Fall, Y’all! Since we are entering into a month where all things scary are celebrated, this month’s theme is — What Scares You, in Holiday Decorating? My goal is to get you motivated and confident in order to complete your decorating duties before the holidays.  
1. Get Your Front Porch Fall Ready
  The first thing you see as you drive up to a home is often the front door and porch of a home. So why not make it an area of interest, as opposed to simply a boring entryway. It is inevitable that during this time of year, guests, family and friendly get-togethers will most definitely be taking place. So why not create a home that welcomes such guests in. A few tips to do just that are add a fun front door color, season-appropriate mat, pair of planters and then top it off with mums, pumpkins and gourds.  
2. The Table Setting Skinny
  Color, color, color! The gorgeous fall colors that grace nature are amongst the most notable beauties of the season. The warm shades of orange, red and yellow mixed with soft greens and a pop of gold, silver or copper metals will look devine. Bringing in charger plates or a decorative base setting as well as a pop of color in the candles and some fun fall flowers, you will have the dining area covered in no time.  
3. Create Some Cozy
  Regardless of the interior vibe of your home, I can assure you, things can always be warmed up. Swapping out pillows and transitioning to richer fall hues will help tremendously. Throws and accessories are always a cheap find and will help create the festive yet functional feel you are looking for. A big part about creating an atmosphere that your guests will love, is making it easy for guests to get comfy. So filling a basket with plush pillows and cozy throws adds both convenience and a cute touch to complete your living room decor.  
4. May I Take Your Coat?
  Allowing guests to be comfortable is key, however I would suggest implementing a few things to save yourself the stress of cleanup later. Provide a space where friends and family can put their jackets, purses, and shoes upon your request. If you live in a place with wintry weather or even a location with mild temperatures, this change makes things simpler for you and those you invite into your home. An area rug, organized hangers, a couple square wooden boxes and maybe even a funky umbrella bucket can really offer some personality and function to this space.  
5. Take the Fall Party Outdoors
  If weather is permitting, take your festivities into the backyard. Whether for a fun, a candlelit cocktail hour, or your entire family meal, entertaining your guests outdoors is a great way to add interest and flair to your gathering. If you have a fire pit or outdoor seating area, adding candles, pillows and throws will enhance the space as well.   I hope that this quick list helped to put your mind at ease and even spark some excitement to tackle holiday decorating. Wishing you the best of luck, and have fun with it!     Check out a Last Tuesday Free on a similar topic on our website: https://the-dsa.com/academy/course/last-tuesday-free-dont-let-tables-mantels-or-bookcases-scare-you/