Webinar-Home Office or Retail Space-Which is Best for Me?

Will I make more money with a Home Office, Store Front or Studio? What’s best for my business?

Don’t miss this informative and empowering webinar.

  The age old question, should I work from home or is it time to have a brick and mortar location?  Join JoAnne Lenart-Weary, who has done it all ways,  as she shares the pros and cons of working from home as opposed to an official office or studio. This two part session will begin with exploring your options, how to determine what you need to pay, and so much more.  We will discuss:storefront
  • Is it time to go to work somewhere other than your home office?
  • Differences in Home Office, Studio, and Retail Space
  • What does it really cost?
  • What Questions Should I Ask?
  • Finding a Location
  • By Appointment or Standard Hours
  • Brand Building and Credibility
  • Revenue Streams You Might be Missing
  • How to Find a Location
  • Co-op, Partnerships, or Sole
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Products or People
  • Connecting with Existing Business
  • and so much more

February 3 and Feb. 10-7-8:30 PM Eastern Time

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