Three Reasons to Spring for Green This Summer!

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Everything is in full bloom (yay!) and that means it’s time to change up your home’s decor from winter drab to summer FAB! If you’re in search of more ways to add green to your home for summer, we’ve got it right here for you! Here are three reasons to spring for green this summer: 1. Succulents: Seriously, who doesn’t love succulents or the way they look in your home? You can get crafty with a fun DIY succulent project and propagate your own or pick some up from the store and display them in a way that complements your home’s decor. Succulents are perfect for those who love more of a boho look in their home and want to give it that modern, all-natural look. 2. Moss: Whether you’re putting them in a water display, using moss balls in a vase or glass jar, or finding another unique way to display this type of greenery, you’re going to love it. Loving traditional home decor right now? Moss balls are a great idea for upping that farmhouse/vintage/antique look to your home. 3. Terrariums:¬†Want to change your horrible gardening/plant-caring ways? Start off with creating a terrarium. They’re ideal for giving your home a green, natural look without going too overboard if you’re not keen on the look itself. Plus, the best way to make a terrarium is to do it yourself. Want to learn more about home decorating and staging tips and tricks or maybe even fid a career in an industry you’ve always been excited about? Check out our website at!

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