That Was Easy: Everyday Living Marketing – Carol Bass

That Was Easy: Everyday Living Marketing – Carol Bass

Everyday life scenarios can be a marketing opportunity

But first you have to be prepared:

  • Always have your business cards with you.
  • Always be thinking opportunity, opportunity, opportunity.
  • Look the part.

Now that we have that behind us. Let’s look at an opportunity and how to make everyday living marketing work.

Scenario #1

You are in Home Goods shopping for a client or perhaps yourself. You see a woman with three rugs laid out on the floor and a puzzled look on her face.
You approach and start looking at the rugs with her
You: What room are we doing
Woman: Oh, it is my bathroom and I can’t decide which rug would be best.
(women love to share)
You: Tell me about the room. I am a decorator. (smile)
Woman: Oh, thank you, well it is …blah blah blah
You: I think the best rug based on what you said would be __________.
You: No problem. If you have other questions here is my card.

Scenario# 2

Again, you are out shopping. (Aren’t we always.) You have several shopping carts at the checkout line. You allow someone with one item to go ahead of you.
You: You go ahead I have all three of these carts
Shopper: Oh, you are doing a big project aren’t you?
You: why yes, I am a decorator and I am shopping for several clients today.
Shopper: You are? I need a decorator. Do You have a Card?
You: Yes, I do? What are you working on? Give me a call I would love to help.

Scenario #3

You are at a cocktail party and mingling with the crowd. Someone asks what you do. I never just say I am a decorator and home stager.
Cocktail party person: (CPP)What do you do.
You: I am a problem solver.
CPP: Wow what is a problem solver?
You: You know I have found that people buy pretty things for their home but when
they get the home; they don’t know what to do with them. As a decorator I come in
and by using your things I can take what you have and, in a few hours, transform
your space giving it a designer look. Problem solved.
Option for Home stagers:
CPP: Wow what is a problem solver?

You: Homeowners have the misconception that potential buyer can see past their life and imagine themselves in their home. Well they can’t. What I do is come in and look at the home with buyers’ eyes. I give them an action plan and with my help they are sold Problem solved