Home Staging Class Descriptions

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Home Staging is an intense three day workshop focusing on the popular in-demand services to maximize the ability to grow a business and generate profits in the service of Home Staging. This curriculum is a comprehensive look into the world of staging.  This highly lucrative service allows you connect and develop relationships with homeowners and agents. Learn the key elements to stage a home to sell vs. decorating a home to dwell.  Don't assume the same decorating principles apply to the listed home.  From furniture placement to accessorizing...there is a difference.  The class incorporates classroom time with field work in a variety of homes to hone your skills.   

Class size limited



  • ACTION™ System –The DSA Numerical Scoring System
  • The What, How, and Why of Staging
  • Staging with a Decorator’s Eye
  • Ten Steps to a Perfect Staging
  • Selling Point versus Focal Point
  • Selling Wall, Floors, Windows, and Doors
  • Perception versus Reality
  • Color and Staging
  • Client, Realtor, and FSBO Relationships
  • Writing Staging Proposals
  • Contracts and Pricing
  • Benefits of Realtor and Zillow.com

CLASS AGENDA-Business and Marketing

  • Business Start-up Guide- licenses, tax id, insurance
  • Naming your Business
  • Identifying your Target market
  • Pricing your Services
  • Fitting your Business to your Lifestyle
  • Staging in the Zone™
  • Overcoming Objections with Placement
  • Tablescapes, Bookshelves, and Rugs
  • The Art of Smart Accessorizing
  • Tools to make your Job Easier and Safer
  • Building a Portfolio-Photography Tips
  • Hands-on in homes
  • How to Build an Inventory
  • Implementing the Shopping List Form
  • Creating the Perfect Shopping List
  • Pros and Cons of Wholesale and Retail Shopping
  • And More


  • Additional Revenue Streams
  • Credentials and Certifications
  • Marketing through Credibility versus Visibility
  • Press Releases, Blogs, Websites, Branding
  • Kindred Spirit Marketing
  • Presentations that Rock and Attract Clients
  • Advertising-Free, How to Attract Media Exposure- Print Advertising


We know that Home Staging maximizes the appeal of a property, causing it to sell quickly and for more money.  This fact alone entices agents and brokers to offer staging as part of their listings.  This class teaches the basics that every agent should know.  Staging knowledge is powerful when communicating with your homeowners and as you showcase the property's selling features. By offering this service, endorsed with your certification, you send a clear message to your clients...I will do what it takes to sell my listings. 

Class Materials:  Forms, Handouts, Learning Modules with unlimited access,
One year FREE National Professional Listing on The Decorating and Staging Academy. 

Class Agenda/Module

  • Staging: Defined from the Agent's Prospective d/s
  • Stats, Terms and Comps to Support Staging Proposal 
  • How to Stay in the RIGHT Lane d
  • Staging Consults for Every Type of Client
  • Hands on with the National ACTION Scoring System //
  • How to Use Forms to Sell Your Plan
  • Matching Home Caliber to Furnishings //
  • Room by Room Staging Blueprint s
  • Staging Rules that Matter
  • Stressfree DeClutter System
  • The D-S-A Approach to Merchandising
  • Colors that Sell s
  • Pricing Models
  • Goldilocks Inventory Method //
  • Staging Occupied and Unoccupied Homes
  • The De-staging Process
  • Delivery the Plan for Present and Absent Homeowners
  • Staging Tools and Contracts s
  • Safety and Security d
  • How to Build a Staging Team ds
  • How to Marketing you and your Services ds

Luxe Home Staging $495

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Luxury Home Staging is a unique and profitable niche in the home staging market.  Not all stager can decorate luxury homes to sell.  Want to learn how to add this speciality to your staging business? The Luxe Home Staging curriculum provides the insight to understanding the luxury client, luxury real estate agent and the start to finish process to attract this elite market.  This highly lucrative service allows you connect and develop relationships with luxury homeowners and agents.   

  • What is Luxury Staging?
  • Who are the Luxury Client?
  • Working with Luxury Clients
  • Attracting the Luxury Agent
  • How to Network with Luxury Clients
  • What Services are Required for this Niche
  • Relationships with Luxe Seller
  • Resourcing for the Luxe Home
  • Perceived Luxury in Furnishings

  • Sourcing High End Accessories
  • Building High End Inventory on a Mid Scale Budget
  • Pros and Cons of Luxury Staging
  • Pricing the Luxe Job
  • Additional Services
  • Promoting 
  • And More