Sherwin-Williams Announces Enhancements to SuperDeck Products

paint_template-1 In January Sherwin-Williams announced that it’s enhancing products within its SuperDeck Finishing System to add greater durability and performance. The enhanced SuperDeck Waterborne Semi-Transparent and Solid Color Stain as well as the Deck and Dock Elastomeric Coating will be available this spring and will be the most comprehensive deck care finishing system available. “Since its initial launch last year, SuperDeck has offered our customers long-lasting results, durability and adhesion for any deck-related project,” said Karl Schmitt, senior vice president of market research, color and design at Sherwin-Williams. “These enhancements will make it even easier to get great results for the upcoming outdoor season.” Here’s a breakdown of the newest enhancements to each product: SuperDeck Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain: The stain penetrates deeply to offer excellent ultraviolet (UV) protection and lasting defense against mildew and premature weathering. The enhanced, technologically advanced formula will deliver this premium performance for up to 3 years while also offering improved weathering, similar to an oil-based stain that wears away, rather than peeling and blistering at the end of its life cycle. SuperDeck Waterborne Solid Color Stain: Providing durable, opaque protection for exterior horizontal wood surfaces, this stain has also been enhanced for improved durability, offering even longer lasting protection against cracking, peeling and weathering. In addition, both the SuperDeck Semi-Transparent and Solid Color stains can be applied to damp wood allowing most projects to be finished in a single day for quick completion of the job. SuperDeck Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating: An enhanced version of the SuperDeck Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating will also be available later in the spring. Ideal for smoothing and filling rough or damaged surfaces, this coating will adhere to weathered wood and concrete. The enhanced version can fill up to 1/8-inch wide cracks. The SuperDeck care system offers a clear sealer and semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid color stains — all in a waterborne formula, plus oil-based transparent and semi-transparent formulations. Also available are Log Home Oil & Waterborne Finishes, Exotic Hardwood Stain and Pressure Treated Wood Stain. SuperDeck can be applied on a variety of deck substrates including new, uncoated, pressure-treated, weathered lumber, cedar and redwood. It’s also available in a wide range of colors that complement Sherwin Williams’ popular WoodScapes® stains for vertical wood surfaces — allowing for a fully coordinated look. To learn more about the enhanced products, visit

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