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A Decorator’s Reference and Resource Guide
Author:JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Sandra Racz
A compilation of decorating guidelines, resources, and rules for quick reference.
A must have for decorators and home stagers.  This book will guide you all decorating and staging projects.
Packed with information on helping you

The Staging Tool Box, is a practical book to help you solve any problems you encounter during your home staging projects.  Whether it's the education and reference of the common tools to assist any home stagers with the day to day of home staging or the "I didn't know about that" tool and tip.  This book highlight the basics to the high tech Apps/tools.  This is great resource for the new and  seasoned stager.$25.00 Shipping & Handling Included

$25.00 Shipping & Handling Included

This book, Room by Room Staging Blueprint, provides a step by step approach to staging every space in a home.  With attention to detail and the systematic approach, S.  E.  L.  L., you will experience success whether it’s your home headed for the market or your client’s.

The Guide also provides a blueprint for Good-Better-Best Inventory with the rules and necessary formulas.
$25.00 Shipping & Handling Included

If These Walls Could Talk
Anthology by Carol Bass
A collection of stories written by professionals for professionals in the decorating and staging industry.  There are 22 contributors shari5g funny, cautionary and touching tales gathered from years of experience.  Be inspired, educated and entertained.
$25.00 Shipping & Handling Included