RESA 2017 International Home Staging Convention

Home stagers from all over the country will convene on Las Vegas January 19-21 for the RESA 2017 International Home Staging Convention. Two trainers from The-DSA will be there – Sandra Racz and JoAnne Lenhart-Weary! They’ll be giving presentations on two very important aspects of home design and staging, check out their schedules below! 20 17-Minute Ways to Increase Business JoAnne will be teaching you how to grade your marketing strategy, provide tips on creating your own focus group, help you understand the power of perception, and give you the three most important things to do with your business – this week! Of course you know that you deserve and should be compensated for your efforts – even if you’re in your dream job like home staging! JoAnne will help you understand how to increase your bottom line without consuming too much of your valuable time and without making it too labor intensive. All you need are a few minutes a day to increase your market share, build an awareness, and improve your marketing toolbox. Styling Secrets and Strategies With plenty of experience in home design and staging, Sandra Racz will let you in on a few secrets of her own to help you upgrade your styling game! Learn more about the strategies home stagers use thanks to the power of visual merchandising and basic design principles. Sandra will take you from farmhouse to penthouse and teach you how to wow agents, home owners, and potential buyers. Her learning objectives include the impact of the triangle, numbers that matter, vertical and horizontal layers, personality pieces, and the Chic Factor. To learn more about the RESA Convention or the other educational sessions that will be taking place during the show, visit or watch the video below! You can learn more about The-DSA at  

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