Quick Ways to Set an Autumn Table

With all that’s going on this fall, and with the holidays just around the corner, you may not have a lot of time to set your table for autumn. We’re helping you give your dining room a fall feel with these quick ways to set an autumn table: A pumpkin centerpiece: Purchase a small pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch and use it as the focal point of your centerpiece. Cut out the top and scoop out all the seeds (don’t forget to save them to bake later!), then add some autumn-colored flowers. Set the pumpkin on a piece of wood (real or faux) and add other seasonal items like acorns, leaves, and squash. Go for apples: If you don’t want to deal with the worry of a rotting pumpkin, go with apples for your centerpiece instead. You can use a cake holder to set up your apples on. You can also use a few apples as candle holders by cutting an inch-deep hole in the apples and then pushing the candles inside. Add some greenery around the apples for an added touch or let them stand alone! Stay simple with garland: If you’re not someone who enjoys setting up a big, elaborate centerpiece, opt for garland instead. Sometimes, a centerpiece can make people at the table feel as though they’re isolated from the ones across the table. A garland is a nice way to keep your table looking nice for your dinner while also allowing guests to easily talk across the table to each other. Create an autumn garland by purchasing twine, greenwire, and branches. Intertwine your pieces together and add pinecones and other seasonal elements to your garland. We can give you the basic knowledge when it comes to decorating and staging rooms in your home through our design education classes! Learn more about our home staging classes, instructors, and see our class schedule at www.the-dsa.com.