Decor Ideas For Your Bathroom

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get ready in a spa-like bathroom everyday? We LOVE the sound of that and the idea inspired us to come up with some decor ideas for the bathroom – which doesn’t always get as much decor love as, say, the living room. You can really spice up the look of your bathtub and give it an elegant touch by creating a dramatic curtain. When we think of shower curtains, most of us imagine the same old plain thing we find at the store. While patterns have really taken off lately and are a great way to give your bathroom some personality, you can really spice things up by hanging up the shower curtain like you would curtains on your windows. I’ll make your bathtub feel like it’s a place you can really soak your feet in. 9c4b7a7770a48c50b9ba654f47e9394d A lot of bathrooms lack in storage. That’s why we seem to have things shoved in drawers that have no organization or cabinets that we haven’t seen the back of since we moved in. You can up your organization game, and give your bathroom a makeover, by adding some floating shelves where possible. They can go up behind the toilet for an ideal location, or really wherever you have space. No bathroom is designed the same and you may have more space where another homeowner lacks it. Either way, some shelving is really going to give you some room to put things. b6e47ad5c24a5ece90a1f4751004f24a If you’ve got a really unsightly tub or just hate that plain factory look, change things up with some stone. You can give your bathroom a completely different look by taking faux-stone and stick it right to the tub with some adhesive. It’ll seriously give your tub, and the entire bathroom, and brand new look! f7c48eed419ba218c5a5023f0f3fdd9f If you struggle keeping the family’s towels separate, then you may want to think about adding some personalized hooks to the wall. You can do a cool name design or hang up a picture of the person the hook belongs to! It’s cute, personalized, and will definitely be a great way to keep bathroom towels organized! 359dd7a8e4295748329ed04924718b87

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