Online Learning During COVID-19

Online Learning During COVID-19

Our country is currently in uncharted territory. There are rules and regulations in place, along with stay-at-home orders in nearly every state, that govern when we can connect with others, shop, or maintain our normal routines. 

We usually expect some type of warning so we can prepare for an event that will drastically affect our businesses. This crisis arrived with very little warning of what was to come. 

As overwhelming as all of this may seem, it can’t stop us from adapting. Our ability to adapt is key to our continued success. 

I keep about five items on my “to-do/to-learn” list and just can’t seem to find the time to tackle them. As much as I wouldn’t want to find time under these conditions, I am going to make it happen now. I don’t have the excuses of client appointments, deadlines, or travel. 

And it’s time like this that makes it even more apparent how our industry encourages and inspires. 

We wanted to share our top things to focus on during this time while we “shelter-in-place” so you and your business do not get stagnant or forgotten as we face this challenge.

  1. Go Virtual. Yes, E-consultations, E-staging, E-design is here to stay and has a place in our industry, but never as a substitute for us. Want to get better insight to E-services? Check out this E-Services guide on The-DSA’s blog page. You can also join the Real Decorators and Stagers Facebook Group for tips on E-consultations and start offering E-design to your clients. There are some upcoming webinars and online learning opportunities available from the group including how you can make the most of PowerPoint with your presentations, E-consultations, and E-services. The group also gives you the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter and connect on Facebook. 
  2. Streamline Your Social Media Presence. We suggest using a social media organizing platform like Hootsuite or Sprout. Don’t want to be bothered with planning your social media content? Call a social media management company like Cincy Chic or check out Fiverr.
  3. Stockpile Content. It’s time to write those dreaded blogs and get a stockpile of content ready to post on your website. Not quite sure how to do this? Do a quick search for tips on how to get your blogs ready. Don’t want to write it yourself? Call a blog writer. 
  4. Learn a New and Effective Way to Market. One of the most popular marketing trends right now is TikTok. Don’t judge it until you see the results or views that these short video clips are producing. 
  5. Perform Necessary Updates. Now is the time to update your website and social media accounts. Add new content, schedule posts, and increase your online presence. 
  6. Encourage Others. As business owners, we are anxious during this time. Be sure to connect with others on free screen-sharing platforms like Zoom. During these online gatherings you can share quick decorating tips. It may also be a good idea to consider at least one live video a week to connect with other designers and decorators. The bottom line of all of this is to be encouraging. 
  7. Hang in There. This, too, shall pass.