Occupied Home Staging

$495 Online Learning Only
Tuition Includes:
Six modules, six handouts and additional resources

Let's face it, it is easier to stage vacant homes when you don't have to deliver the "We need to de-clutter" or "No, your sofa will not work" speech.  During this class, we will zero in on homeowners' objections, the best talking points, steps to identify what "can" work and what "can't", how to effectively use the homeowner's furnishings, how to stage the perfect room with line, scale and balance, developing the perfect budget and most of all...getting the homeowner to buy into the budget.  We will also cover how to work with the real estate agent during the occupied home staging. Restyling the home with the purpose of a quick sell, establishing your expert status and gaining you a steady influx of referrals. 

Class Outline

What is Occupied Staging?
Pros and Cons of Staging Occupied Homes
No Sales Triggers
Reality check
Lies Homeowners tell themselves
Types of Homeowners
Validating the Price
Selling the Dream
The Client Consultation
Secret Sauce
Choices to Approach Staging
Creating a Timeless Inventory Time Capsule
Let’s Talk Money
How to Price Occupied Staging

Other Learning Opportunities

Completion of this certification will earn you your annual membership in the The Decorating and Staging International Directory. This directory allows you to showcase your certifications, business, offers links to social media platforms, highlight your bio, photo or logo and the identifies you as a certified member of The Decorating and Staging Academy.   We will walk you through the steps to max out SEO with the use of the national logos.  The membership allows you to take advantage of discounts, free webinars and more. $1000 value

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