Love it? Steal it!

LoveitStealit Do you Love the Idea? Steal It!  Really?  Yes, you heard it from The-DSA. Steal or get inspired by creative ideas or products you love…but there are guidelines for the “grab”. PinterestHouzz and shelter magazines are all driven by creating a desire so strong you want to mimic what you see.  By triggering this “must have” feeling, they sell product, ad space and achieve their “go to” status.  Recently, I decided to reduce the number of magazines I received by asking myself which have the most ideas I would love to steal or inspire me.  (Feel free to steal my selections:  Southern Living, HGTV and Celebrate.) When to Steal an Idea: -Inspiration for bigger design ideas. -Mixing and blending design elements to suit your style and personality. -Courage to head down a new path…style, design or otherwise. We’ve always heard, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but you need to be sure to give credit where credit is due. GlobeMerge
  1. Take Credit for Inspired Projects:  This project is a perfect example.  This Anthropologie Globe ($128-198) inspired many pins, which jumpstarted major creativity. Give Anthropologie credit for hitting the “I want that” nerve.  But the final inspired version-that credit goes to the creator.
  1. Take Credit for your fresh spinon a current trend or style. No one gets to hog, trademark or guiltBlueOttoman you into a design pigeonhole.  Your entire neighborhood, along with you,  may like teal, the new turquoise. Use it if you love it but in a fresh way, not by shopping at the same stores and buying the same teal accessories. Always think of how you can put the “Me” spin on ideas you steal. For example, love burlap on a Christmas tree, take yours a new direction by mixing it with anything others aren’t using. Let others inspire you but always make it yours.
  1. Give credit to the creator if you are using their photo, design or mimicking the idea exactly.  Share the source and give kudos to the original. Curating great ideas moves you to a trend spotter status.  You may not have originated the idea but you are smart and talented enough to recognize its value.BedPictures

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