Little Junior is Graduating: How to Celebrate the Event!

6238549611b5fc77125a669ea2bd1077 Your little one isn’t so little anymore and with graduation season upon us, make sure you take the time to throw the ultimate celebration! Whether your son or daughter is graduating kindergarten, moving onto middle school, entering high school, or will soon be moving away to college – a graduation party is the perfect way to congratulate them on everything they’ve achieved thus far in their academic careers. Check out these fun do-it-yourself ideas for throwing a spectacular graduation party! Sparkling celebration: Fill balloons with confetti for a fun-filled, popping party! It’s an easy way to add a touch of celebration to your party without going too over-the-top. You can hang them up around your backyard for an outdoor party, and when it’s over you can have the little one (or big kid!) go around and pop them to shower them with love! Go with ice cream: For an idea that everyone will love, have an ice cream bar at a graduation party! It’s the perfect way to bring out the kid in everyone while enjoying sweet treats – and it’ll be a great way to cool down if the weather is on the warm side. Graduation caps: Remind everyone why they’re there to celebrate by decorating the party with graduation caps! You can put them as toppers in glasses, hanging graduation cap garlands around the house (or yard), and finding the always popular graduation cap confetti to decorate tables. Good wishes jar: Let everyone offer a bit of advice to the graduate with a good wishes jar. This idea is probably better for a high school graduate who is preparing to leave for college – but you could always do a memory jar for the littler ones to read when they get a bit older. The advice can be something to remember while they’re away at school or just some general life advice to help them get through the sometimes perilous adventures of adulthood.

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