Light It Up: Lighting Trends in 2016

If you were sad when you thought that you couldn’t decorate with string lights anymore because you’re an “adult,” then we’ve got a surprise for you! Decorating with string lights is one of the biggest trends of 2016 thanks to their simple and effective way to decorate your home, outdoor living space, and even for special occasions such as weddings. Wrap the chandelier: Decorating for the holidays or another special occasion? Wrap your chandelier in string lights to create a glamorous (and easy!) look! It’ll give the room a warm glow and won’t take very long to hang. Guests will love it, especially if you add a beautiful floral piece underneath. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Brighten up a workspace: Even if your workspace is already bright, you can give it an even cuter look by hanging string lights up around your area. This will also allow you to flip off the lights if you need a quieter feel that allows you to focus on what you’re doing without the loudness of the natural and artificial light filling the room. Brighten-Up-a-Workspace Create a twinkling canopy: If you spend a lot of time outdoors, whether on the front porch or the back patio, get a few boxes of string lights to create a canopy overhead. It’ll light up the area you’re in so you don’t have to worry about the light pollution blocking your view of the stars or ruining the calm, relaxing mood you’re trying to set by enjoying the outdoors. Using-Christmas-lights-create-a-twinkle-light-porch-canopy Fill wine bottles: You can create a statement centerpiece that will have people talking by stuffing some string lights in a few wine bottles. This is the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table, to place on the mantel, or to even use as the centerpieces in a wedding. All you need to do it empty (drink!) the number of wine bottles you want to fill with lights and voila! Fill-wine-bottles-with-lights-to-make-a-spectacular-centerpiece See an image that’s yours? We’d LOVE to give you credit where credit is due. Please let us know your name and link to where we can find the image by sending us a message on Facebook!

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