We Make Learning Fun!

We Make Learning Fun!
Have you been considering a decorating or staging class?  If so, get ready to have some fun… while working very hard.  In fact, here is what a few of our former students had to say!

 ”I’ve found my people and couldn’t have picked a better leader. You and your classes ROCK!” – Andrea DuFresne, MA

“I never laughed so hard and had so much fun learning.” -Lucy Schwarz, NJ

“Enjoyed every minute of class… I never felt rushed, my instructor was a fabulous speaker and took time to answer all my questions.”– Debra Weiss, PA

“The Confident Color System is the most awesome class I have ever taken. What an amazing system.”  – Thank you!

“This was the best thing I could have done to boost my confidence to start a redesign business. It was fun to learn this material under your guidance!” – Dana Zacharian,VA

“Don’t change a thing!”   – Laura Budman, NJ

“You were such a hoot, but yet, an incredible human being full of knowledge, entertainment and enthusiasm. I loved my class.”  – Kate Kissell, PA

“This course exceeded my expectations,both of you are amazing, genuine, and wonderful instructors .”– Lori McHale, PA

“I feel I have taken an eight week course in just one week! I never have learned so much and been more impressed by a curriculum.”  – Mary Boyajian, NJ