Is Talent Enough?

Is Talent Enough?

Is Talent Enough?
By Carol Bass
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today.                
                                                                                                                                              Malcolm X

Have you ever watched someone with 15 years of lessons play the piano?   They are good maybe even great. But someone with talent for music and 15 years of lessons take command of the instrument. Wow! now you have the perfect combo. Talent and reinforced  with education.

That is why I am such a believer in those of us with a talent for decorating to go the next step and acquire the education that supports you.

A degree, certification or proof of completion is proof of your knowledge. If you are trained, certified or degreed your chances of being heard, hired and taken seriously increase. Generally, an uncertified person will find it harder to express his views and opinions because they are considered just that his views and opinions.  That cuts into your confidence level. You need more than,” Well, I like it that way”. That is not a basis for any decision.  Education gives you the confidence to express your views and opinions with great authority and conviction because they are based in education.  

What is your dream? What is your aim in life? Do you want to become rich?  Do you want to be the best in your field?  Do you want to be a person who is respected by people? Well, the key to all this is education and an honest approach to any encounter.  Education helps you realize all your dreams.

Education is not only gaining book knowledge, but needs to have a practical hands component.  Always consider you learning style with selecting a class that is right for you.  A massage therapist can gain a lot of education but until they put their hands on a body it’s only text book. Education doesn’t mean just class attendance, passing an exam, it is meant to gather knowledge and then implement it in the real world..

If you have a talent for decorating, if your friends say, “You are good at this. you should do this for real.” Look into a certification class with a proven track record.  It’s never too late to follow your dream.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. 
                                                                             – Benjamin Franklin

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