How to Better Your Tablescapes

How to Better Your Tablescapes
Most of us can say “Yay” or “Nay” to whether or not a tablescape wows us. However, the same cannot be said for the rules and must-have components that are essential to creating the perfect table setting.
Here are a few rules that should be followed:

1. Table Shape

First off, the shape of your table is very important. Your table top is the canvas and framework for your tablescape style and creation. The boundaries and shapes used will be dictated by your table shape. A round or square table will lend itself to a square design, while a rectangle or oval shaped table will lend itself to an elongated design.

2. Base

You need to use some kind of base to anchor the components of your centerpiece. Some examples are placemats, greenery, chargers, trays, or a funky container or box that ties everything together.

3. Height & Texture

Like all great tablescapes, you need a variety of height and texture, as well as the perfect placement of each. Just because something looks stunning, does not mean it is necessarily functional. Make sure that your guests can see one another in order to connect and converse. There should also be adequate room left for the place settings.

4. Mood

Your table and decor are what work together to set the mood of your gathering. This mood can be elegant or casual or somewhere in between. If your dinner is taking place after the sun has set for the evening, use candles to create a warm ambiance.

5. Color Story

Always consider your color story. Although this may sound restrictive, know that it will actually help you when choosing placemats, candle and flower colors, and while deciding which accessories to grab.

6. Greenery

Use greenery, whether faux or cut from the yard. This hack allows for texture which is often lacking. Greenery or flowers in a vase can be used for height as well. Just remember to make sure there are no little critters hanging on to your newfound decor if brought in from the yard.
Remember, you can get inspiration anywhere and everywhere. From model homes to your favorite home decor store, always been on the lookout for tips and tricks.
Credit: first photo – Liz Lomax, last photo – Model home in Denver, CO.