Home Decor Trends We Are Thankful For, And Some We Are Not

Image: Country Living
November is a month of giving thanks for the things in your life – your family, friends, your home, and so much more. When we’re doing so much reflecting on the amazing things in our life, we also like to get a little more lighthearted and think about the home decor trends we’re thankful for, and the ones we’re glad are on their way out of the home design industry. Here are a few of the trends we’re most thankful for, and a few of the trends we’re glad are on the way out: Hello, Dark Green: Bland and white are out of the picture. It’s time for a new color to shine: dark green. People are currently LOVING the look of dark green in their kitchens, especially when it’s combined with natural woods, leather, and accented with cream. Not only is it a nice woodsy look that’s a huge hit in the world of home decor trends, but it’ll also help you cozy up for the long winter months ahead. Relax in Bed: The last couple of months of the year seems to be busier than the other 10 months combined. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a hint from home decor trends and make your bedroom a relaxing retreat. Make your room a cozy, intimate area that will allow you to escape your hectic lifestyle and get away from it all. You may want to add new, fluffy bedding, a canopy, soft blankets, and even a reading nook. Save Money by Going Faux: Save your bank account by going faux with any home updates. You don’t have to have marble, the fanciest wallpaper, or the most expensive tiles. There are much cheaper versions of these things that are not only easy on your bank account, but easy to swap out when you’re over the trend and ready to move onto something new. Goodbye, Brass: It was almost as if the 80s and 90s were back in full force. For a while, brass accents were all the rage, but we have to admit, we’re glad this one isn’t as trendy anymore. It’s not that we hate brass, we just prefer to stick with silver when it comes to metallic accents. See Ya, Farmhouse: The trend that Chip and Joanna Gaines made so popular on their show “Fixer Upper” is on it way out the door. It seems that people have had enough with barn doors, shiplap, and really anything that reminds them of a farmhouse look and feel. No Thanks, White Kitchens: In a world where it seems we’re trying to keep everything simple and clean, it appears that white kitchens have had their 15 minutes of fame. Not only do white kitchens make you feel as though you’re in a hospital or another type of super sanitary environment, but white is REALLY hard to keep clean, and even harder to keep clean in a kitchen where there’s always food. What were some of the trends you’re thankful to see go? Which ones are you excited to add to your home decor? If you’re interested in learning more about how you can incorporate these new trends into your home, sign up for one of our home redesign and staging classes with DSA trainers across the country! Find additional information and see an upcoming home staging class schedule at www.the-dsa.com.