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June is the month of weddings, and that means lots and lots of BIG events! Do you often find yourself planning out events in your head or helping friends plan their weddings and other special events? Then you’ll want to check out Event Planning courses from The-DSA! What is Event Planning? Of course you know what event planning is as part of a general overview, but do you know just how essential event planning? As one of the fastest growing field industries in the country, event planning is about so much more than just a wedding or graduation party. It includes corporate events, dinner parties, a child’s birthday, and any other reason to celebrate something special. Before you can bring your Pinterest board to life with DIY projects and fun drinks, you need to start from somewhere. That’s where The-DSA comes in. We want you to be as prepared as possible in order to help you become a successful event planner. We’ll teach you how to find clients, plan any event, market your business, and earn money! Tuition for the certification in Event Planning includes a variety of learning aids, On-Demand recorded modules, and more than 40 handouts. Here’s a rundown of our event planning course: 1. Event Planning Introduction 2. Your Event Planning Client 3. Creating the Event Plan 4. The Creative Process 5. Event Planning Vendors 6. Food and Beverage 7. The Event 8. Event Follow-Up 9. Planning a Corporate Event 10. The Business of Event Planning Interested in learning more about our Event Planning certification and other classes we offer through The-DSA? Send an email to

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