Four Tips for Creating an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image: The Samantha Show
Image: The Samantha Show
One of the biggest, most exciting parts about gathering with loved ones for the holidays are the ugly Christmas sweater parties. Who doesn’t love making themselves look ridiculous by creating a masterpiece of ugliness out of what they’re wearing? These parties allow you to let go of the stress that sometimes accompanies the holidays and replace it with a night full of fun and a little competition. If you’re attending an ugly Christmas sweater party this year, you’ll want to go all out so you can not only take home the grand prize, but create memories that will last a lifetime. Check out our four tips for designing an ugly Christmas sweater: Create an advent calendar: If you like to keep it simple without looking too silly or putting too much thought into it, turn your sweater into an advent calendar. You can add some glitz and glamour to the numbers and pick up a cute ornament to hang on the correct date. It’s simple enough to not feel like you’re carrying around a bunch of ornaments and decorations attached to you, but not like you opted out of participating all together. Upcycle an old sweater: Take the ugliest sweater in your closet – or stop by a thrift store and buy one – and add tons of Christmas and holiday decor to it. You’ll get one last wear out of the sweater that’s been hanging in the back of your closet forever and you’ll look absolutely ridiculous while doing so. The beauty of ugly sweater parties is that everyone already knows how funny they look and when you really have the ugliest sweater, then you only increase your chances of taking home the night’s prize. Turn yourself into a tree: Strategically wrap yourself in garland and ornaments (and don’t forget the tree topper!) so that you can become a Christmas tree. Your friends and family will get a kick out of the creativity you brought and you’ll have everyone asking you to transform into a tree all night long. If you have a partner tagging along with you to the party, have them dress up as a gift and when you take photos you can make the two of you look like a Christmas tree and an accompanying gift. Go with bows and lights: Those who really like to shine the light on themselves will love the idea of adding bows and/or lights to their sweaters. Because so many strings lights are battery powered (try the dollar section at Target), you can simply put the battery pack inside your sweater and you’ll be glowing all night long. If you don’t mind the attachment of bows, stick a bunch of bows all over your sweater or turn yourself into one giant bow.  

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