Five On-Trend Accent Wall Ideas!

Accent the Walls? Really? Again?

I admit I felt accent walls were overused in the mid 2000s but now I am enjoying them again. Selecting the best wall to accent is key. There are several reasons to accent wall.
Accent walls are a quick and ease way to update a room. Who doesn’t like instant gratification? With one wall you can transform a space. Other reasons to accent a wall:
1. Budget Friendly due to the fact you are only addressing one wall instead of the entire room.
2. Showcase key elements in the space like architectural interest of the stone or tile fireplace. Direct your eye to the
3. On Trend Ways to Accent

When accenting a wall was popular paint was the number one way to address that wall. You felt daring if you used a color that was two shades darker. What new in this budget friend method….try something more than paint.

How about trying wallpaper. Unless, you have ignored every decorating magazine out there you know wallpaper is back and it is BIG in design. Most clients don’t want o invest the money to wallpaper the entire room.


Wood is a great way to accent and define your style. From Victoria to modern to rustic, wood paneling or trim is extremely popular and on trend. Since most of us don’t have reclaimed barn wood laying around. Check out the new product. Accenting a wall with wood doesn’t have to feel rustic either. The warmth that this option adds to a space is awesome and super easy to install. Another way to use wood is to think of trim. The negative space the trim adds gives dimension and interest.



Built Ins: Bookcase
Built in bookcases painted white or the main wall color can provide just the right accent for any room.



The unexpected elements accent. For this look, use ceiling tiles.


Watch the video below for even more great ideas for accent walls!

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