Five Home Decor Trends to Watch this Fall

Fall is finally here and we can’t wait to break out the pumpkin decor! In addition to make our homes look cozy for fall, we’re also in the mood to update them a little bit with trendier accessories, colors, and upgrades! There’s nothing wrong with a little refresher in your home, especially if home decorating and design is something you’re passionate about! Check out these five trends we’re totally onboard with for fall! 1. Hello, Dark Green: Non-traditional colors are taking over as the leaves start to change outside! Dark green is a huge trend for kitchen cabinets, and the way they go with natural wood, leather, and brass and cream accessories makes it all the more beautiful and a trend that will take you all the way through winter! 2. Sneak Away to a Relaxing Retreat: With our busy lives, chaotic schedules, and technology-driven lifestyles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all that you have going on in your life and your home. One big trend this fall is the desire to create a relaxing oasis that you can retreat to at the end of a busy day. More people are interested in creating rooms that not only help them feel relaxed, but that they can turn into tech-free spaces to rest their heads in each night – whether it’s a bedroom or a small corner of the room that has a hammock and soft blankets. 3. Get Trendy with Woven Textiles: One sure way to give your home depth at a time of the year when the days are shorter and a lot colder is to add woven textiles to your decor. Create a focal point on a wall with a set of woven baskets or use them to host plants you’re bringing indoors for the season. If baskets aren’t quite your think, opt for wool or woven blankets! 4. Go Faux: Don’t break the bank by doing a home update. Going faux is a huge trend for this fall and can make your home look amazing at a fraction of the cost. There are tons of faux finishes you can find at home improvement stores as well as removable wallpaper (which we LOVE!) as well as floor decals, stick-on tiles, and event faux wooden beams you’ve seen on television. 5. Make a Statement on the Ceiling: Accent walls will always be in style, but have you thought about turning heads with a statement ceiling? Consider adding a little flair to give your ceiling a non-traditional look with embossed tile, a bold paint color, wooden beams, textured wallpaper, or shiplap! Which of these trends are you most interested in trying out this fall? Let us know in the comments below! Want to learn more about how you can transform homes from drab to fab? Check out our home redesign and staging classes at