Fall in Love with Your Home – Decorate for You and Your Style

Everyone has a different style when it comes to decorating their home. Some like things modern while others like a country chic look. With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the style that suits you – making it harder to fall in love with the look of your home, especially when it just doesn’t feel like it’s “you.” Check out this list of the top home design styles and how you can decorate to help you fall in love with your home: DSA beach 2 Coastal/Beachy: This is a popular design style, especially for those who live near a body of water! The coastal look is inspired by the ocean and gives a light and breezy feel, which can be achieved by using airy fabrics on windows. You can also give a greater emphasis to a beach-inspired theme by using accessories and decorations such as lighthouses, seashells, and nautical signs. Don’t forget to incorporate colors such as a light blue, navy, white, gold, and even red. Of course, the red and gold will really stick out, so if you want to go more neutral you can stick to grays, blues, tans, and white. craftsman 2 Craftsman: This popular style really had its moment in the spotlight between 1910 and 1925. A Craftsman home doesn’t really need much decoration, as much of it is focused on the woodwork and materials used to build the home. When choosing home decor items for this type of design style you’ll want to stick to neutral, Earthy tones as well as wood, stone or brick. Craftsman homes emulate more of a generational home, so consider putting family pictures in wooden frames or having that old rocking chair your grandmother gave you over in the corner. decorating-sophisticated-classic_300 Sophisticated Classic: If you like classic but don’t want to go back too far into the past, then a sophisticated classic style is more for you. This home design style uses a blend of traditional furnitures, jewelry-like accessories, and pale colors. You might think of Charlotte from Sex and the City, Grace Kelly, or Tiffany & Co. when you see a sophisticated classic style. There are Art Deco shapes paired with old-world elements. Try to go with delicate furniture pieces that have feminine lines, a palette of neutral and soft colors, grand chandeliers, rich dark woods, luxe accent materials like marble and glass, and symmetrical floor plans. 637b31f345fbeb251ea8d1a988e2484a Country: The country home design style is pretty popular. It’s a rustic look (which is all the rage right now) combined with character. In many “country” homes you’ll find white wood paneling, soft floral patterns, muted colors, and often pops of red, black or white accents. Most of the elements of a country home have a handmade, rustic quality and include wood, pottery, baskets and hand-forged metal. Taken from English and early-American furniture designs combined with a laid-back country cottage, country style homes are low-maintenance. You’ll want to go with plush furniture, warm wood tones, and indestructible tables for that “weathered” look. electic-sofa Eclectic: If eclectic is more your style, then you shouldn’t have a hard time finding home decor pieces for it. This style borrows from several other design styles to create a sense of contrast – without looking like everything was thrown together. Eclectic style relies on color, pattern, texture, and composition to create a cohesive-looking space. Flea markets and furniture designs from various time periods are ideal for placing in an eclectic home as well as a vast array of accessories and artwork. Aim to use dusty colors, handmade textiles, and collected objects for a lived-in feel. Mid-Century-Modern-Home-Design-04 Mid-Century Modern: When you heard the words mid-century modern, Mad Men is probably what comes to mind. That’s because this look originated back in the 1950s and 1960s thanks to Scandinavian designers and architects. The style is simple, functional, and features natural shapes. Walls of glass showcase a minimalist design while pops of deeper colors such as orange, yellow, and olive green can be incorporated through decor. modern 3 Modern: Not to be confused with mid-century modern, a modern style doesn’t use much decoration and doesn’t feature too much color. When you’re decorating a modern home, be sure to incorporate strong geometric shapes, asymmetry, polished surfaces, and a neutral color palette.

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