Every Photo Tells a Story

We take pictures to remember things, document things, catalogue things. As a decorator and stager, I am constantly taking pictures of things to see what the naked eye cannot. Oftentimes, if a client is having trouble seeing the story of a room, I will tell them to snap a photo. I liken the taking of a picture to looking at yourself in the mirror. When I look at myself in the mirror I am expecting to see “me.” So I do. Often, when I get up and walk to the bathroom sink, I will glance up and see myself, but I’m not really looking. However, once I’m dressed for the day and walking down the street, I catch a glimpse of myself that I wasn’t expecting to see, typically in the reflection of a window. It’s then that I suddenly see ME, for real. Sometimes, I’m taken aback by what I really look like because it’s not what I see in my mind’s eye at all. The same scenario happens when we take a picture of the rooms in our homes. We walk by or through that room dozens of times a day. We see it, of course, but we don’t really SEE it. If the pastor of your church were to ring the doorbell right now, would you change anything real quick? Maybe pick up, hide something, or close the door to that room? It’s time to get real with our rooms. I want to challenge you to take a picture of your room, send it to me, and tell me the story. And I’ll tell you what I see! This is a guest post from The-DSA Master Trainer Carol Bass of The Practical Decorator. Check out our DSA class schedule to register for redesign and staging classes with Carol!