Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Image: HGTV
While we strive to make the world a better place everyday, there’s no better reminder to use products that are friendly to earth than during the spring. It’s a time of rebirth, when trees get their leaves back and flowers start to bloom. After months of cold (depending on where you live!), short days, and dreary weather, spring has brought us back to life. To help you do your part in keeping our planet healthy, we’re offering up some smart and simple ways to make your decorating (or should we say, eco-rating) better for everyone! Don’t be afraid to go green: Oftentimes, many people are afraid to make the switch to more eco-friendly design trends because they’re afraid of the price tag that accompanies it. However, not all green design is pricey. You don’t have to live in a gated community or use only the best of the best to take on green decorating, green is for everyone. You can go as simple as purchasing your home decor and other furniture at places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. You may also want to go with garage sales where you can usually find old furniture at a good price and upcycle it to reuse again! Know what’s in your home: When you choose to go green with your home decorating, you’ll know what exactly you’re putting in your living space. You should be aware of the chemicals that you’re putting in your home, especially since some of them can be so toxic and unhealthy for you and the environment. From your furniture to your carpeting, flooring, and paint, make sure you go with items that don’t use dangerous dyes, are made from recycled materials, and generally come from eco-friendly companies. Replace the outside, too: You don’t have to stick with eco-friendly on the inside of your home, you can take it outside as well. If you have the option, consider replacing aluminum siding with a more environmentally generous product like wood. Traditional fiber cement board siding may last long but it is also heavy, can break rather easily, and requires you to wear a mask when you install it – and if you don’t want to breathe it in while installing it then you probably don’t want to be around it in general. Harvested wood siding is the perfect alternative option that doesn’t contain harmful carcinogens like formaldehyde. Don’t be afraid to lose your decorating style: Just because you’re going green doesn’t mean that you’ll have to take a step back from your decorating style. Your home doesn’t have to become a National Park in order for it to be eco-friendly, so don’t worry about sacrificing that part of your home. Depending on your style, this is where upcycling products can work, and if you’re one for newer, trendier items then consider options that match your style but take the planet’s health into consideration.

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