Earning Staging Honors

HGTV is a tip-lover’s heaven. They bring plenty of tips and amazing visuals to life for us to replicate, but when it comes to earning staging honors, it’s about more than just what you see on television.

As experts in home redesign and staging, we want to share our solution-driven approaches to problems that most professionals encounter in the field. The behind-the-scenes looks you don’t see on HGTV and other design shows. The hurdles and obstacles that are inevitable when it comes to designing an award-worthy room.

We used real life experiences with real life clients, not made up scenarios and situations, to teach you the skills you need to successfully create rooms clients will love. We will share forms, communication points, and more to help you down the path to graduating with honors from our redesign, staging, and decorating classes.

Learn more about our classes and view our upcoming schedule of classes with DSA trainers across the country at www.the-dsa.com.