The-DSA’s 2017 Class Schedule

If you’re thinking of readying yourself to start your own home design and staging business or simply want to dive deeper into a hobby you already love, our classes are the best way to get you started. Check out a description of each of the classes we offer from our Master Trainers located across the country. Click here for a list of our 2017 class schedule. Classes offered by The-DSA: Interior Redesign In this class we focus on using what the client already owns to transform their space. This type of design the the most cost-effective and extremely budget friendly. You’ll still implement practical shopping but you’ll do that in the client’s home – think of it as shopping in your own closet for new outfits to put together! The proper placement of furniture and accessories will still utilize The-DSA systemic approach for decorating. In addition to giving your clients a perfectly designed space with their furnishings, you’ll also offer and provide suggestions for the next level of decorating. When they are ready to take that step, they’ll know who to call. One-Day Decorating Our One-Day Decorating class is the perfect blend of interior redesign in addition to other interior decorating services such as shopping and color selection. Using The-DSA systemic approach to furniture placement and design principles, One-Day Decorating is an efficient way to transform a space. during the consultation, a budget, style, and design plan will help you to establish your course of action for transforming the client’s space, allowing for a surprise reveal for your client. Color Color is the heart of the design process. The sofa and furnishings may be beautiful, but get the color wrong and the space can’t be saved. This class will teach you color saturation, value, undertones, and lighting. The Confident Color System is a proprietary system that will arm you with color confidence, an understanding of the “whys” behind color, and practical techniques you can use when selecting fabrics, flooring, cabinetry, paint, accessories, lighting, and other elements of the color process. Home Staging The most important part of selling a home is home staging. This popular, in-demand serves to maximize the ability to grow a business and generate profits in the service of home staging. The curriculum offered by The-DSA is a comprehensive look into the world of staging. This highly lucrative service allows you to connect with clients and develop relationships with homeowners and agents. We’ll teach you the key elements to stage a home to sell versus when you’re decorating a home to dwell. From furniture placement to accessorizing, there’s a difference between the decorating principles applied to home that is selling against a home that someone is staying in. Marketing A crucial element to a successful business is marketing. We offer a series of on-demand and live classes that will help you gain the knowledge you need to have a profitable and sustainable business. Through a variety of “how-to” classes, we’ll help you marketing a business start-up, marketing planning, social media strategies, and much more.

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