DIY: Printed Pillows

Pillows are a great way to add a pop of color and some patterns to your home without doing too much work, like, say, hauling in a new couch or painting an entire wall. Creating a pillow on your own can be as easy or time consuming as you’d like. Of course if you’re going to go with a more detailed pattern it’s going to take more time. Those opting for the quick and easy route and get a stamp and pad of fabric ink to zip right through it. We scoured the Internet for some cool patterns that we wouldn’t mind trying ourselves, check them out:
Image: Maija Ukko,
We love the look of this leaf-printed pillow! By using an actual leaf, you can make the print as dark or as light as you want. Varying it gives it just the right look – it isn’t too dark or too light. e164a2d6a22dc11ba3dd3f6f33ffd180 While this gold foil heart pillow isn’t DIY (it’s made by Francesca’s), you could easily recreate it on your own or head to a home decor store to purchase a similar one. Gold is a really popular color these days, and you can jump on it without being too trendy – plus it’s really easy to swap out when you’re ready for another color or pattern. 26d98a58e35e227a52932a8a90a0beea Another popular print these days is the arrow. You could make this pillow by a fabric pen or Sharpie and drawing the arrows on yourself. You don’t have to worry about making them all look the same, as it will give the pillow the unique look it should have for a hand-drawn pillow! 6184b1faaf3961ec25d0980fb0a762f5 How cute is this pillow? Seriously! We love it! It’s cute and the pop of pink from the flower gives it a personality that is sure to be a conversation starter. Like the previous pillows, you could easily make this with a stamp and paint the flower on yourself. Add as many, or as few, cacti as you want! e2792ef38a89a33d2b8869d6bbea5843 This pillow is going to take some time if you want to recreate it yourself, but will turn out beautiful in the end! The varying patterns can be done by hand or with a stamp (if you can find patterned stamps you like!). The tassels on the corners are just an added bonus!

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