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Coleen Janzen

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Janzen Home Design Certications: Confident Color System, Interior Redesign, Interior Decorating, Home Staging, Seasonal Decorating Home Spokane, WA Home Phone: 703-789-0658 Website: Janzen Home Design

My name is Coleen and I am passionate about making a house a “home”. It is what I have done for the past 32 years! I am married to an amazing military guy who took me all over the world, including four European countries and seven U.S. states. In all those moves (18 in all), I learned two things. First, a great smelling candle was the quickest way to make a place feel like home. Second, setting up a beautiful home made my family feel settled. I saw that any space, no matter the location, could be our “home”. I became fascinated with how different furniture, styles, and decor reflected the country or region we were living in or visiting. Decorating soon became a hobby, and then that hobby became a business!

My home reflects me…I love an old world/global feel, warm colors, varying textures, lots of pillows, cozy throws, fluffy rugs, something unexpected, and, of course, having a great smelling candle burning! This is my style. I look forward to helping you discover yours!