Determine Your Sucess

Determine Your Sucess

You are Going to Be About Just About As Successful As You Determine To Be?

Five talented individuals take the same professional certification class and have the same desire to start a decorating or staging business. All have equal talent, yet three will succeed and two will not. Why?

Maybe it is just something as simple as determination. I will succeed! I don’t know how long it will take or how hard I will have to work but there is no plan B. That is known as the success attitude. 

Lilly Tomlin the comedian asks “Ever wonder why somebody doesn’t try softer?”

If owning and operating your own business was easy, everyone would do it. It is not. You must be determined. So let’s look at a few things you can determine to try before you DOUBT YOUR DREAM.

 Be determined to get the job. Sometimes we have to give, in order to get.

Really want the job. Money is the object? Find a way to make it happen. Be flexible, the term “Our policy is” can be the kiss of death to a service orientated business. Perhaps offer, just this once, the ability to apply, say the consultation fee, to the cost of the final project.

Really want the job. Feel value added is the missing link. Throw in a small other room like the dining room or foyer if they hire you for the living room. Determine to do whatever it takes.

Be determined to reach your goals.  Plan better. Have a goal to reach for each month, if one month you almost make your goal but not quite? Before throwing your hands up and saying, “Oh well, maybe next time.” Try getting on the phone and do what I call. “Dialing for Dollars. This means calling past clients and offering a service or special for this week only. Maybe it would” be a refresh of a room or a consultation on a different room, but find the amount that is missing, and reach that goal.

Be determined not to quit. Feeling sorry for yourself, doubting your dream? Get over it. Listen to a tape  or read a book about people who overcame unbelievable odds to reach their dream and how they allowed nothing get in the way. After reading a couple of these, stop the pity party and find a way to make it happen. You are only beaten when you quit. Call me and let me talk you off the ledge.

Be determined to succeed. No matter what.

Some people succeed because they are destined to succeed, but most people succeed because they are determined to succeed.