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Understanding solid Design Principles when staging is the key to turning cute into cash-worthy, average into amazing, and styled to sold.  This course was created to help the aspiring and established Stagers apply solid design principles to the staging process to create a property that looks good and sells quickly.   

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September 24, 2021
9am- 5pm

Gaylord Hotel, Denver, CO
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Good design is good design but unfortunately, most staging classes do not focus on the aesthetics of the process. Yes, you need to know the business of real estate and staging, but those MLS photos don't care about that...they simply want to showcase a property.  Color palettes, furniture placement, art selection and more...your choices must be very deliberate and geared to maximizing the sales potential of that house. Understanding and implementing solid design principles will provide you with confidence and consistency that will result in the polish a professional brings to a space.The bottom line, it takes more than a good eye to create properties designed to sell. 

Hi, we are Sandra Racz and JoAnne Lenart-Weary, industry experts and creators of Design Principles for Stagers.  We have been teaching others to succeed since 1999. Whether you simply want to enhance your staging business or add decorating as a revenue stream, this class is perfect for you. Due to Covid, our course has been offered online, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to level up your expertise plus get a discount, while earning your Design Principles certification. If you have already attended this class online, we invite you to audit this class for only $99. Audit seating is limited.

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The goal is to arm you with the design knowledge needed to stage with style and consistent results. 

What are the value validators?  Understanding how to add value showcases the home, your staging and you. 

Never underestimate the value of color in staging.  A strong color foundation starts the learning process of how to create color palettes that complete and don't compete. 

Let's continue talking color and how things as simple as color placement can impact the sales potential.

Are you a one-trick pony who creates the same "look" over and over?  Do you know your personal Design DNA?

Implement the Decorating in the Zone System with placement principles for furniture, art, accessories and more.

A great room is more than a series of vignettes but the reality is cohesion can make or break a room. 

Just because there is space, doesn't mean you have to fill it.  But when you do, understand how core principles influence composition.  

Creativity is what gets people talking and what takes your business from mediocre to marvelous. 

It takes more than talent to grow a business.  In this module, we discuss how to capitalize on your talent and expertise.

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