Decorating Age Spots: Clutter

A sure sign of age is too much clutter! Under¬stand that clutter doesn’t have to be papers, magazines, etc. it can also simply be too much stuff. Decorative stuff. Notice in this room there is so much furniture it covers the fireplace. We keep bringing it in and yet nothing ever goes out. Soon it is over decorated and cluttered, which translates to age spots, like grandmother’s house where she has the first Knick knack still on the shelf. It hap¬pens so slowly over time we stop seeing it. PRACTICAL SIMPLE FIX – PURGE, PURGE, PURGE all items over 10 years old. Have a garage sale. If the items are not more than 50 years old then they are not antiques, so sell it. Make money to go buy more. Fun huh? I know it seems like yesterday but it really has been years since the purchase of that precious Chia Pet. Hope you have enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

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