Cool Off: Home Decor to Keep Out the Summer Heat

af25b59bcdb0f0322349a409b9f7c8f3 Summer is hot, and sometimes all you really want to do is relax indoors and stay cool. Check out these home decor tips to ensure that you stay nice and chilled this summer: Cool colors: Give your home the look of a cool breeze by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Using cool colors like blues will not only mimic the look of water, but will also help you feel like you’re in a cooler space. Interior water features: The sound of running water will help you cool off on those hot summer days. You can easily pick up an indoor water feature at a local home supply store, or if you have small children, consider adding a fish or two to the family. You’ll instantly feel as cool as those little guys swimming around in the tank every time you look at them!

Hang flowy curtains: If you love spending time outdoors but don’t quite love the heat, hang some flowy curtains outdoors on your patio, gazebo, etc. The panels will not only give you privacy but they’ll also shield the sun and keep the mosquitoes from biting.

Add some ice: One sure way to cool yourself down in this summer heat is to add ice cubes to your coffee. This isn’t home decor, but it is a tasty way to beat the heat and enjoy a treat at the same time!

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