Color, Decorating, Redesign

Live and Online Learning Options
$1095 Live Learning, Classroom space is limited
$995 Online Learning
Tuition Includes
Manual, Forms, Learn­ing Aids, Color Harmonies Handbook, Pro­fes­sional Color Deck,  Affil­i­ate Dis­counts, Hands-On projects with paint, fabrics and design elements.


Color is the root of every beautiful room.  Not only colors that look great together but also colors that make the people that live there…feel phenomenal. Creating a beautiful room requires an understanding of the color selection process, which requires more than a good eye for color.

This Color System is a unique color selection system blending the science of color with the power of numbers. Learn how to communicate color with your client and never again ask the question, “What is your favorite color?”

Class Outline 

The Art and Science of Color
Color Terminology
Understanding the Color Wheel
Elements of Color:
Hue, Saturation, Value, Tint, Tone, Shade
Why the Elements of Color Matter
Influences: Colors, Lighting, Achromatic, etc.
Color Harmonies made Easy
Understanding Undertones, Hue Bias and Overtones
Decorating in the Zone with Color
Perfect Palette vs. Pleasing Palette-which is best for your client
Code the Color Deck
Translating to different mediums
Real vs. Perceived Color Recognition
The Confident Color Consultation Forms Kit
Colorization Tools and How to Use Them
Learn How to Measure Color
Color Harmonies in Fabrics, Upholstery, Cabinetry,
Flooring, Accessorizes
Top Ten Color Mistakes and Secrets

Business and Marketing

Business Start-up Guide- licenses, tax id, insurance
Naming your Business
Identifying your Target market
Pricing your Services
Additional Revenue Streams
Credentials and Certifications
Marketing through Credibility versus Visibility
Press Releases, Blogs, Websites, Branding
Kindred Spirit Marketing
Presentations that Rock and Attract Clients
Advertising-Free, How to Attract Media Exposure- Print Advertising


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Combine The-DSA's most powerful and comprehensive components in the Confident Color System, Interior Redesign and Interior Decorating.  Gain confidence and a host of new ideas for color, placement, and decorating, resulting in beautiful rooms every time. Understanding how to begin the decorating process by focusing on what the client already owns blended with the art of placement.  Now add a true understanding of how to implement color and you are ready to make money and delight your clients.  This class is the longest running class of its kind in the USA.  Interior Decorating/Redesign combined with the Confident Color System and Home Staging can deliver a brand new room regardless of budget.

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Completion of this certification will earn you one year membership in the The Decorating and Staging International Directory. This directory allows you to showcase your certifications, business, offers links to social media platforms, highlight your bio, photo or logo and the identifies you as a certified member of The Decorating and Staging Academy.   We will walk you through the steps to max out SEO with the use of the national logos.  The membership allows you to take advantage of discounts, free webinars and more. $1000 value

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