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When it comes to design or staging…it all begins with color!

July 24-25 – Grandview At Las Vegas

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn in an interactive live format and earn your Confident Color certification

Decorating or staging…it all begins with color.  The wrong colors can cause a house to sell for less or make a space less appealing. Color is not only the paint, it also includes the textiles, fixed finishes, accessories, and metal colors. Although it is a key part of the process, for many, selecting color is the most intimidating part.  It takes more than a good eye for color to achieve consistent results.  Nothing can transform a space more quickly and inexpensively than color.  Whether it is paint on the walls, the perfect sofa color or accessories for the space…color can make or break the space.  Color is also the element of the design or staging process that has the greatest margin for error.

The Confident Color System, launched in 2007, has armed many with a new-found color confidence that takes “a good eye for color” to a new level. Many students tell share they learned more in the first 2 hours, than their entire time at school. This is a practical and easy to use approach to color selection.

What makes the Confident Color System course unique?

1. This is not just about paint. Most current color certification classes focus on primarily paint, in this highly interactive class, students will work with fabrics, furniture, décor, and more.

2.  It is filled with practical skills and tools you can implement immediately with clients, including our unique Color at a Glance Handbook. 

3.  Earn your Confident Color Professional Certification. CCCP

4.  Understand what many call undertones are simply the evolution of hue families or hue bias.

5.  Most importantly, you will be armed with the Confident Color System Alpha coding that will allow you to look at a color and identify what goes with what in less than 1 minute.

6.  Multiple Hands-on Exercises

Class Agenda: What you will learn:

  • The 3 most important questions to ask a client…and what not to ask
  • How to establish the purpose and goal of your colors
  • How to Code the Color Deck for easy color harmonies
  • Colorization Tools and how to use them 
  • Where a color is placed is as important as what color is selected
  • How to create Perfect and Pleasing Palettes in Minutes
  • How to eliminate 75% of the colors in a deck in 3 minutes
  • Hue Bias, Hue Family, Undertones, Overtones, and what matters
  • Turning Color into Cash-the business of color
  • Colorful Marketing to big your business

Students will receive:

  • Professional Color Kits for Sherwin William and Benjamin Moore
  • Color Harmonies Handbook – Quick Color Combinations at a Glance
  • Large Color Wheel 
  • Confident Consultation Forms Kit
  • Large Color Sample with Step by Step Guide
  • Confident Color System Certification
  • Virtual Support Materials and Resources
  • Annual Membership on The Decorating and Staging Academy’s National Directory.  

This class is taught by Master Professional Trainer, Sandra Racz, with over 17 years of experience bringing real life experiences in real homes with real clients. 

For more information:  Call 888- 383-9555‬ or 435-901-1205