2 Day Confident Color System

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“JoAnne was right, it takes more than a good eye to understand color. Until the Confident Color System, I didn’t understand all the whys, now I do!”


DO YOU LOVE COLOR? DOES IT INTIMIDATE YOU?   Color makes the biggest impact and can completely transform a space without purchasing a single new piece of furniture.  Yet, it is the part that intimidates people the most, both Do It Yourselves and Pros…until now.  If you are trying to decide which class to take first…color is the place to start.  Color is the piece of the puzzle that can make or break a space.  The key is to use color palettes  that look great together plus make the people that live there…feel phenomenal. The key to add professionalism and credibility is the ability to explain to your client why your choices are right…and not just a gut instinct.

Blending the three elements of color, hue, saturation and value are critical to both the visual and emotional response.  The Confident Color System is a unique color selection system blending the science of color with the power of numbers. Former students have said again and again, “This is such a simple and fool proof system.” Learn how to communicate color with your client and never again ask the question, “What is your favorite color?” You will be able to eliminate over 75% of a color deck in 3 minutes with the unique and easy to use color test. This system TRULY makes color easy.

The Confident Color System is a unique approach to color selection that blends the art and science of color. JoAnne Lenart-Weary has created a phenomenal system that will arm you with a confidence you did not think possible.  This highly interactive class wills how you how to eliminate 75% of the colors in 3 minutes and hone in on the perfect combination in just a few minutes more!  Whether you selecting colors for fabrics, paint, upholstery, accessories, flooring or any other element of the room, this class is a must-do!  The class is available in both a live and online version.  Combine it with the One Day Decorating or Professional Interior Decorating class for a well-rounded approach to creating beautiful rooms!

This class had its early beginnings as Color with No Regrets but as the class, the system and the approach evolved and changed,  a new name was in order.  This class is about so much more than selecting wall color and paint.  Learn not only how to create the perfect palette but also how to accomplish your client’s mission.  Whether you are a DIY Decorator who simply loves decorating, or you offer Staging, Redesign, One Day Decorating, or full service decorating, this system will arm you with confidence.


•Color Theory, what matters and what doesn’t •Perfect Palette vs. Pleasing Palette-which is best for your client •Color Progression Power •Never again ask…”what is your favorite color?” •Role of the Elements of Color •Color is much more than paint •Real vs. Perceived Color Recognition •The Confident Color Consultation •Colorization Tools Pricing your Services •Colorful Marketing •SAMPLE CLASS: For a courtesy look at this amazing approach to color, enjoy this 45 minute recording, Color Secrets, an excerpt of the Confident Color System.  Be sure to use the password color to access the recording. Any questions, email joanne@thejlwcompany.com Click here for UPCOMING CLASSES Eager to start learning, register for our On-Demand Version of the Confident Color System Class.  Save money while learning in the comfort of your own home at your leisure.