A Busy Woman’s Guide to Holiday Decorating

Photo: HGTV
No matter how much time you think you have throughout the year, Christmas always seems to sneak up on us. And every year, when we’re caught off guard, we promise that next year is the year we’ll be ready. We tell ourselves that we won’t wait until the last minute to shop, get our decorations together, and plan a holiday party – yet we get caught up in the busyness of life and before we know it it’s the middle of November. To help you stay on top of it all this year, we’re here to offer some tips for busy women doing their holiday decorating: 1. Cut the clutter: Before you even begin decorating for the holidays, go through the items in your home. Get rid of decorations that are broken, have missing pairs, or simply aren’t your style anymore. You can donate them to a local thrift shop or toss them if they’re broken and not repairable. You may also find it helpful to go through toys as well, before Santa brings more and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of toys in the house. 2. Decorating the mantel: Santa comes down the chimney and through the fireplace, so this spot in your home becomes a natural focal point. When you’re hanging the stockings this year, don’t forget to add a little flair with a garland covered in flowers, ribbons, and other seasonal items. You can also add some lights for a little more Christmas Cheer. 3. Go plastic: Save yourself the stress of running a ton of dishes through the dishwasher by opting for plastic at this year’s holiday parties. You may feel like you’re taking the cheap way out but there are actually tons of “high-end” plasticware that will work just fine for dinner, and guests can throw it all away when they’re done! Plus, you’ll be recycling them anyway, so those plates, cups, and silverware will get another chance at life! 4. Hire professional holiday decorators: If you just don’t have the time to get your holiday decorating done, you can hire a professional holiday decorator. Many of the trainers from The-DSA also own their redesign and staging businesses, so they can come to your home and do the work for you! They’ll go through the decorations you already own and help you figure out how to best utilize those decorations in your home this year. They can suggest design ideas and make your home feel like something out of a magazine by the time they’re done!

Set on doing the holiday decorating yourself but don’t really know where to start? Try one of our home redesign and staging classes offered by DSA trainers! We can give you hands-on experience and teach you the ins and outs of decorating and staging rooms for the holidays. To learn more about our home staging classes and to see an upcoming schedule, visit www.the-dsa.com.