Better Than Oscar: The Distinguished Style Award

bb81b8_449a49351d6443e79ed3408ca27d8a98 Want to be a national award winner? Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your work and earn the recognition you deserve at our Distinguished Style Awards ceremony! We’ll be announcing winners for 4 categories at the ceremony, including the following: Interior Redesigning/One Day Decorating This award recognizes the use of homeowners’ furnishing. It can also include retail purchases and painting. Home Staging: Occupied We’ll announce the winner who best used a homeowners’ furnishing or stager’s props. Home Staging: Vacant Check out the winner who was able to use rental furnishings or stager’s props in an empty home. This can also include paint and remodeling. Color Transformation This award can include retail purchases and/or paint. Winners of the awards will be showcased on site as well as on our Facebook page!

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